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Current Concert Set List (1 hour):
1.   Crazy (by Simple Plan)
2.   Everyday People (by Sly & The Family Stone)
3.   Chariot (by Gavin DeGraw)
4.   Change (by Carrie Underwood)
5.   Price Tag/Cheap Thrills (by Jessie J/Sia)
6.   What's Going On (by Marvin Gaye)
7.   When the Children Cry (by White Lion)
8.   Hands Medley (by Jewel & various other artists)
9.   Try (by Colbie Caillat)
10. Two Thousand Years (by Billy Joel)
11. Stand By You (by Rachel Platten)
12. Save The World/If Today Was Your Last Day (by Swedish House Mafia/Nickelback)
13. I Hope (by Dixie Chicks)
14. Bridge Over Troubled Water (by Simon & Garfunkel)
15. Don't Stop (by Fleetwood Mac)
16. Peace, Love & Understanding (by Brinsley Schwartz)


Holiday Set List 2017 (45 minutes):
1.   Shake Up Christmas (by Train)
2.   My Grown Up Christmas List/Heal the World (by Amy Grant/Michael Jackson)
3.   Price Tag/Cheap Thrills (by Jessie J/Sia)
4.   Love is Christmas (by Sara Bareilles)
5.   Better Days (by Goo Goo Dolls)
6.   I Hope (by Dixie Chicks)
7.   Change (by Carrie Underwood)
8.   Wonderful Dream (by Melanie Thorton)
9.   Two Thousand Years (by Billy Joel)
10. Hands Medley (by Jewel & various other artists)
11. Thankful (by Josh Groban)

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